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This is for the kids that have fist fights with the mornings,
Wrestling with their sheets
That they’re being choked just by waking up.

I know about the black inside your lungs,
I have swallowed it for years,
I am still emptying my chest,
Why do you think I bleed ink?

Suicide sunk into my scream,
It’s cut my throat so many times that
Now I’m afraid to speak.
I hope nobody ever ends up like me,
I hope we can all find a way to breathe.

This is for every kid with the barrel loaded,
Razors tucked against their wrists,
Parents using words as fists,
Our hands frozen by our minds
Praying the metal won’t slip

Knowing that the safety never clicked,
Knowing that the pills will make them sick,
Knowing that the rope is too thick,
Knowing that depression has a tight grip.

Lower your shoulders
Let the pressure sink into your spine,
You’re safe,
You’re here,
I will wrap you in my arms,
You are mine.

This is for every kid who feels like they are not enough,
You are enough.
You are here, you are here, you are here,
Stay here with me.
Stay here, keep the scars away,
And if there are scars from before
Come to me, I will open my door and

Kiss every inch of skin where the blade went in.
I will kiss every inch of you where it hurts,
My little loves,
I will love you until it burns.
You have been so cold
It will be winter no more.
We’ll have summer twelve months a year
And even if it rains,

We will dance in the streets until the sun comes back again.

"Against The Gray, Against The Black" - Nishat Ahmed (via sickwithsyllables)
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